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Amazon's electronic personal assistant Alexa can now offer dating advice — and it's not exactly G-rated.Match, the dating website and app, has developed a new skill for the AI devices, which enables them to dole out answers and advice for questions about dating, romance, and sex.Think about how long it takes to form a strong friendship: I know that when I first met a couple of my dearest friends, I did not even like them.

Many people allow this to happen because they are afraid of being alone, and may realize that while a person may be okay to be with for the time being, they are not someone they are interested in holding onto long-term.Verbalize them in an empathetic way and, as the saying goes, “let them down gently.” Ghosting This is the practice of ending a relationship with someone by suddenly, and without explanation, ceasing all communication — effectively vanishing from their lives, often without warning.When a person refuses to return your texts or calls, and you never hear from them again, that's ghosting.But if you're trying to play it cool, two days is the sweet spot.'She even has some statistics ready, like the dinner cuisine type most likely to score you a second date (sushi) and the chances a man or woman will want to make out on a first day.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another individual.

It also wastes that person's time — something one can never get back.