Turbo lister not updating categories

You’re up and running and have already begun selling on e Bay.You’ve read our guide to getting your postage costs in order, and your are now adept when it comes to accounting for e Bay and Pay Pal fees. Getting you hands on more stock could pose a challenge, but for the most part, suppliers are going to more than happy to sell you more product.The downside is that it’s only available for Windows (sort it out e Bay!) and that you have to install the program onto your hard drive – you can’t simply run it in a browser like many modern apps.There are no viruses, trojans or spyware on the computer as I have used rootkit scanners, anti-virus checks and cloud programmes etc..

I had not used this program in about 15 years (seriously) and I remember all the clunky and time-wasting behaviours it had. The interface was straight out of the old Windows XP version.

Have virtually stopped listing items for sale, and those I do are loaded as "freight" and then updated in Ebay to metric measurements..cumbersome but it works.