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I'm talking special forces navy seal top gun covert opps here. Free food is free food, and free gifts are free gifts... I'll let take me out to dinner a few times and maybe I can learn to like him". If a woman doesn't have anything going on at all, dinner with a Wussy and a constant stream of compliments and attention is better than nothing. Men are NOTORIOUS for showing their "non-Wuss" side early on, but then somehow turning into a woman's worst nightmare Wuss Boy as the relationship progresses.So if women aren't attracted to Wussies, then why is it that they sometimes accept invitations to dinner, gifts, flowers, and attention from guys who are Wussies, only to reject them later on? Well, sometimes these things are like a substance abuse problem. Just because you message a woman, she does not owe you a reply. It’s not just about you and what you’re interested in and what you do and what you like. If you don’t ask me about myself when we are messaging, I will not meet up with you for a lifetime of the “YOU” show. Guys, please stop using pictures of you and just one other woman.

Let me tell you something else that is VITALLY important for you to remember: Notice that I didn't say "Women are pretty good at figuring out whether or not you're a Wuss". I said that women have MILITARY GRADE WUSS-DETECTION SYSTEMS. Women say to themselves "I really SHOULD date a nice guy instead of all these SEXY JERKS that I've been seeing.If you're ready to shed your past Wussy self, and learn the secrets of how to attract women that most men will NEVER learn in their entire lives, then I invite you to take advantage of the powerful products that I've put together.Advanced Dating Techniques Watch my free video where I reveal the 4 Laws of Attraction and how to use these 4 laws to meet and get any woman you want. Your Friend, David De Angelo Copyright 2010 David De Angelo Communications Inc., All Rights Reserved.A Wussy is a guy who accepts manipulative behavior from women, and doesn't care if a woman flakes out on him, takes advantage of him, or acts overly dramatic around him.

A Wussy is a guy who has no backbone, and caves when challenged by a woman.

But just because you haven't yet learned how to use and develop these natural talents doesn't mean that you can't start now. Just a few short years ago, I couldn't even start a CONVERSATION with a woman I didn't know...

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