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THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS were destroyed by the Romanovs administrators. After the main body of the conflicting documents were either destroyed or edited, the 'odd' documents emerging from time to time were interpreted as 'Mediaeval ignorance'.Nevertheless in the XIX century there was still a lot left. Nefyodov who opened up one mound in the same area and reporting that he counted up to 200 mounds over the distance of 3 versts (0.6629 mile – Tr.)' [305:0], p.93. Needless to say they were all ruthlessly razed to the ground. Until now the main body of the documents which the modern historical version is based on are comprised of the Western-European texts.Only vague rumours reached out time and recollections of some numerous mounds along Tver downstream of Volga, the mounds of Uglich, the mounds of Murom, etc. They have all undergone the editing of the XVII-XVIII cc. On the other hand the Old Russian, Turkic and Arabic primary sources occupy only a supportive secondary place in the history science. We are told that you should approach them carefully.In fact they are not being edited as thoroughly.' Most thoroughly the reformers worked on the history of the XV-XVI cc. THE LOSS OF THESE MOUNDS CANNOT BE COMPENSATED BY ANYTHING' [305:0], p.89-90. # The Russian-Horde mounds were mercilessly razed to the ground and the burials inside them were destroyed there and then. There was no trace of any 'scientific research' there.

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Most of the genuine findings which could tell us a lot about our history, were destroyed straight away in the field. Today we cannot even imagine how many mounds turned out to exist in Russia. && THEY WRITE 'THE NEW ANCIENT HISTORY' To support the version of Scaliger-Petavius in Europe there was created a 'scientific school of history', which 'adjusted accordingly' all the documents that came to its attention.The major historical facts – for example, the existence of the Emperor in Europe, the former unity of Europe under his rule, a strong Slavic presence in Europe, etc.– partially remained on the pages of the textbooks.There were some days, when UP TO 80 OR MORE MOUNDS WERE OPENED UP. Saveliev over a period of at least four years in the middle of the XIX century organised and headed a deliberate destruction of the old Russian-Horde mounds in Central Russia, authorized by the Imperial Edict. # Almost no detailed documents reporting on this pogrom survive. A few of them which are presented to us today were written post factum.

That was not the scientific research, but a deliberate demolition. # A small amount of unearthed items were preserved for the museums.

In [1v], ch..1 and [Ts RIM], ch.9 we tell about the excavations in Central Russia conducted by the Romanov archaeologists of the XIX century. The grandiose excavations of 1851-1854 in the Suzdal region WILL BE GREATLY MOURNED BY SCIENCE FOR A LONG TIME and will serve as a dreadful premonition for all the enthusiasts of MASS EXCAVATIONS.

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