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Oh honey, I’ve told you before that you won’t find a good, marriage material woman on that thing.” She waved a hand in my direction and continued, “No, you just end up with…girls…like this. ” There was more, but I couldn’t tell you what else was said.She was still ranting about me as I quietly slid my chair out from the table and made my way out of the restaurant.For most men, the thought of having to shop for a wedding suit is a daunting task.Even if your mama’s boy doesn’t have a huge eye for fashion, he will at least have confidence in finding the outfit that works for him.When the waiter came by, he was so focused on writing down her detailed order that I actually had to call him back to the table to order my food.

If your future husband is close to his mom, it means they’ve spent a lot of time together and in that time, he’s learned how women express their thoughts and emotions., but sometimes it might feel like you’re being shoved to the side if he wants to meet her for lunch instead of you.At the same time, don’t get stuck with someone who pushes you to the side to spend time with his mom or someone who treats you exactly like his mom.A good mama’s boy knows how to treat you like the unique, independent woman you are without making you his second mom.She turned and gave me a long up and down look, then turned to her son and asked where we met.

“It wasn’t that awful internet thing again, was it? You’d think these girls could at least run a brush through their hair before leaving the house… How do you even know what she looks like under that mess?

He was in the middle of telling me the story of his Fraternity’s talent show act sophomore year, and just as he got to the part about being shoved on stage in a baby-blue dress he looked over my shoulder and said, “Well this is a surprise!