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There's also a corny but solid sense of community that makes even perfunctory team-ups, like the one that paves the way for next year's Legends of Tomorrow spinoff in "Rogue Air," seem believable. Labs's darker corners to make a well-timed observation.

The show's version of Flash foes like Girder, Golden Glider, and the Weather Wizard all satisfy diehards' need to see favorite characters treated with respect. D., a show that mysteriously dispenses with cameos and allusions to the Marvel Universe as if they were scarce commodities.The Flash is not, in that sense, stingy, like Agents of S. (Check out "Rogues," one of the most fun collections of Johns's terrific and now-influential Flash stories.) 3. While kicking and punching and superpower-using is generally a central part of any superhero narrative, very few live-action superhero products actually feature memorable or even immediately exciting fight scenes.That's a general problem with contemporary action cinema, one that's unfortunately symptomatic of modern directors' budget-minded tendency to smother poorly choreographed sequences by covering, and not directing, already-overedited action scenes.Barry's fight with Danton "Multiplex" Black in "Fastest Man Alive" is an imaginative highlight of season one for the way that it visualizes a fight between a blur and a roomful of the same guy.

And the scene where we finally see a slowed-down flashback version of Barry's climactic first fight with the Reverse-Flash looked terrific in "Tricksters.” These CGI-heavy fights require exact knowledge of who's standing and who's moving where and when, since all of those scenes need to be pre-visualized. Let's face it: Most superhero shows don't do romance very well because they don't do female characters very well.

Thankfully, Barry's tragic backstory is not the source of unnecessary brooding.

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