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Fourth, a scammer profile is offered based on skills, resources, scam-cultures, and rationales.The fifth section identifies how technology, cyberspace, and the poorly regulated internet dating industry permit fraudsters to organize and operate romance scams successfully.Not surprisingly, these qualities have resulted in the proliferation of the online dating sector since the mid-1990s, so much so that there are approximately 1,400 dating sites in North America today, such as, e,, and to name a few (Close & Zinkhan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

This paper concludes that the three dimensions of technology, cyberspace, and inadequate countermeasures collectively influence criminal organization and operation in cyberspace.By using advanced search engines, ‘scientific’ matching services, and proprietary algorithms, dating sites instantly find compatible matches based on values, personality styles, attitudes, interests, race, religion, gender, and ZIP codes (Mitchell, 2009).These digital environments of anonymity and flexibility allow daters to test pluralistic ways of being that are instantaneous, alterable, and open to interpretation, making online dating attractive and stimulating to customers (Hitsch et al., 2005; Wang & Lu, 2007).This paper explores cyber crimes at dating sites to determine their organizational dynamics.