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In case you’re wondering how accurate Twitter’s algorithmic moderation is: Japanese man banned for making death threat against mosquito.Still in the process of looking this over, but seems interesting: two top British psychopharmacologists have a theory of what serotonin does in the brain based on 5HT1A receptors promoting “passive coping” and 5HT2A receptors promoting “active coping”.Anatomy Of A Moral Panic: how Slate, Vice, etc fell for a bogus story that Amazon’s recommendation algorithm is encouraging people to buy terrorist bomb-making supplies together.

From Ask Reddit: Russians who were adults back while the Soviet Union existed, how does life in Russia now compare to back then?Some Good Samaritan created a form letter that hit exactly the right legal notes, everyone started using it, the banks became annoyed that they had to actually respond to identity theft claims now, and they successfully lobbied Congress to prohibit using form letters to report identity theft.A new advance in open-access science: the arxiv overlay journal.While cities grew faster than suburbs from 2000 to 2015, for the past two years the suburbs have overtaken their urban cores. The number one food exporter in the world is the United States.