Intimidating shout bandage

It should be up ALL the time until you get Commanding Shout, and even then in most situations you're often better off keeping Battle Shout active. Commanding Shout Description: Commanding Shout is a very handy ability that is somewhat hampered by the fact that you cannot use both it and Battle Shout at the same time unless there are two Warriors, one providing each.It's worth noting that from an item-level standpoint, the benefit it provides isn't as strong as Battle Shout's - it provides the equivalent of 73 Stamina to the group, whereas Battle Shout provides the equivalent of 152.5 Strength.The target will stand there, unable to move or use any abilities, until they take damage of some kind (and yes, Rend/Deep Wounds will break the effect). Additionally, you generate more Rage from incoming damage while under the effects of Berserker Rage, giving you considerably more Rage (and therefore, options) to work with.This ability, more than anything else, is why as a Warrior you will be in Berserker stance 90% of the time in Pv P - so as to have access to your fear break when needed.

Cleave Description: Much like Heroic Strike, Cleave is an on-next-hit ability that will increase the damage dealt.It turns your next autoattack into a special (or yellow damage) attack that deals additional damage, as well as causing additional threat.Because it is a special attack, however, you will gain zero rage from that attack - and because it's an on-hit ability, it effectively consumes whatever Rage you would have generated on that attack normally.Wenn wir den Anführer dieser Drachen, Veraku, als Zeichen unserer Dominanz vernichten könnten, könnten wir den Rest vielleicht so einschüchtern, dass sie sich uns unterwerfen. Zerschlagen, isoliert und ohne Führung sind sie leichte Beute für bösartige Mächte.

Wir müssen daher regelmäßig ein Auge auf sie werfen.

It's worth using in grinding even on solo mobs, but once you start getting more than one it's almost always worth keeping up.

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    Easily soloed as Warrior, just use intimidating shout and bandage, or if you got Deep wounds on mob. Ein nicht-so-bescheidenes Angebot. 2. Zur Sache. 3.…