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Note that the lengths of the source and target sequences don’t need to be the same.Both the encoding and decoding are done using recurrent neural networks (RNNs).Purposeless mimicry agents give the appearance of conversation without understanding what is being said. ELIZA consisted of simple substitution rules to mimic a psychologist from the 1960s.This is the psychology that emerged after behaviorism and is often characterized as having the therapist repeat back the words of the patient.For instance, when I say “I love carrying blocks, especially when they are covered in fire ants,” I am breaking the maxim of quality to use sarcasm to communicate that I don’t like carrying these blocks.As another example, if someone asks me how good Bob was as an employee and I respond that he had nice hair, I am communicating an idea by breaking the maxim of relevance.Consider the image of the discourse pyramid below When everything is understood, we are at the bottom level and can just give and receive instructions for cooperation.

Yes: “I hate carrying blocks.” No: “I love carrying blocks, especially when they are covered in fire ants.”Maxim of Relevance: Say only things that matter.Once we have acknowledgment of understanding at a particular level, we can go back down to the previous level. He doesn’t understand how, so we have to coordinate our inner worlds and explain that he can catch fish with a fishing pole.When he doesn’t even understand what a fishing pole is, we have to coordinate meanings and explain that a fishing pole is a tool that consists of a stick, string, and a hook.The meaning is grounded in that experience (see Benjamin Bergen, Steven Pinker, Mark Johnson, Jerome Feldman, and Murray Shanahan).