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If the patient said, “My mother wants me to buy a bazooka.” The therapist might respond, “Tell me why your mother wants you to buy a bazooka.” ELIZA could have this type of conversation.You can find a Python implementation of ELIZA here.The meaning is grounded in that experience (see Benjamin Bergen, Steven Pinker, Mark Johnson, Jerome Feldman, and Murray Shanahan).When our experiences and language games don’t sufficiently overlap, we must negotiate meaning in the course of a conversation.When someone says “beam,” we associate that with our experience with beams, and since people generally have similar experiences, we are able to understand each other.

When something is not understood, there is a break and we have to do a coordination of inner worlds, and if that isn’t understood we have to do a coordination of meaning.Members of this class include ELIZA and chatbots based on deep learning sequence-to-sequence models. The bottom person sees where the top person is looking or pointing. The bottom person looks at the animal, and the two people have a shared reference.(1958).The second and next most sophisticated class comprises intention-based agents such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Language games are interactions that shed light on a particular aspect of language.There’s a lot of fluff surrounding chatbots, so I wrote this post to lay out the basics.

I first review the theory of conversation to give us a sense of what we are aiming for. The simplest class is purposeless mimicry agents, which only provide the illusion of conversation.

In addition to the meanings of words and sentences, conversation itself has its own rules.