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Come join me on my travels and have a laugh at the same time.After this trip I will be writing a travel book of all my adventures so keep your eyes out for it!!!! there are many brand new fancy skyscrapers and housing developments sprouting up everywhere however it seems to have more of an authentic cultural feel to the place.Barb took me out to the Ritz Carlton for dinner for my last night and we feasted on a smorgasbord of Arabian food.

On Sunday I went out to the school Barbara is working at and had a tour of all the class rooms and got to meet all the little kids.Now this was a very interesting experience because all the teachers were women and every time I turned to head up a new hallway Barb had to yell out “Warning man in the school cover up”.It is Qatari tradition to completely cover your face to any men other than family so I felt like a real pervert walking around and almost seeing the girls’ faces.We had a ball and the adrenalin rush was sweet as gunned across the dunes at up to 140km an hour and felt like we were going to roll on a number of times.