Tips for dating a woman with kids

Kids needs to know that they only have one mother, and that’s not you.It’s their biological mother that has given birth to them.If you trust them enough (see rule #1), you can get into details about your fears. Let them reassure you that it’s OK and you can still go on dates.

You don’t have to get pregnant when dating someone with kids just to keep him with you.It can hold you together even if the person you are dating has kids with someone else.If they are in love, you have nothing to be afraid of.Men and women with children are dating because they want to move on with their lives. They are not dating you because they want to feel free, or get revenge.

They are looking for someone to make them forget what it was like to have children with someone you can’t stand. That’s not how men and women with kids think when they are dating. If you have the same serious feelings about them, then let go the bad thoughts and think of happiness with the person you enjoy spending most of your time with.

If you are dating someone with kids older than 10 years old, then you have to remember that they are going through their teen phase when things are uncertain. If they show some kind of disrespect, don’t take it personally. Even if they like you, they need to see strong evidence that you are “cool” enough for them. Competing with the real mother or father of the kids never ends well.

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