Forefront client security not updating wsus

(I always start my scripts with this piece of code) Create a file named install.ps1 and enter the information below: Now I am sure there is a fancy way of getting the FQDN through code but this is just as effective. PS: You can make the installation above smaller if you like but I showed you the options More to come…We will use the wsuscomputername when adding the computer to the AD group and wsusfqdncomputername when we are adding it to the WSUS server. # Set the computer name that has been authorized in the install.ps1 file $client = $wsus. Admin Proxy]::get Update Server($wsusserver,$False) # Which group should the computer be assigned to (In this case its Clients and Forefront Client Security) $group = $wsus. If, at any time, Microsoft Forefront Client Security does not update automatically, you will need to update it manually.

So I enabled TLS on the Server 2008 R2 WSUS server and that fixed the issue with my 8.1 clients not getting updates except for Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010.My SCCM server deploys the client fine but it is version 2.1 and normally the client and definition updates come from WSUS with the latest client version being 4.5.However, my Windows 8.1 machines will not get the client updates even though they are automatically approved for all machines.The installation of the Client Security distribution component on your WSUS server adds a service called the Forefront Client Security Update Assistant.… Both Forefront Client Security and Forefront Endpoint Protection help minimize this by only requesting antimalware definition updates, but a WSUS.

the best performance of your WSUS server, this advanced option should be enabled, and if you choose to not automatically decline expired updates, you.…

This is configured when WSUS is installed on the distribution server.