What flowers to get for dating

maybe she just wants to use that tag so she can lay down for youhave yall had sex yet ???if not,,,,screw her brains out beyond beliefand call THAT her birthday gift...jesus.

People like this are rather bothersome.^^^^^^^^^^If she cares about you, and actually enjoys time with you verses getting things, she would appreciate you easing up on gifts and spending the time and effort to know her better so you don't have to ask strangers..unless you just like to advertise what you may or may NOT be doing for a woman. Stop going on about what you spend on her and buy for her.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. But since I know you want to, a couple of good suggestions were already said that would work. If you know what kind she likes and she doesn't have an allergy, have some flowers delivered to her work.During black Friday I took him shopping which was about $200 worth of clothing.We both work, but sometimes It seems like just because he knows I have the money to buy whatever I want that I can afford to buy my own things.Even just little things like flowers and a bear or anything surprising I'll be satisfied with just the thought and effort counts.

And I don't want to necessarily tell him or even have a discussion about this because I would feel embarrassed.

P - I am MORE concerned about you agreeing to be ""exclusive"" with her after one date than worrying about a birthday gift..being "exclusive"" her idea ?