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The ID tags were quickly christened Dog tags by the soldiers, based on the metal license tag that was attached to a leather collar worn around a dogs neck.This excerpt from the 1907 journal of the Association of Military Surgeon Generals of the United States gave a hearty endorsement to the Armys new method for identifying its killed and wounded, The identification tags recently adopted for the United States Army have been made and are ready for issue.Later charitable and relief organizations did what they could to help solve the problem of identifying the dead American soldiers by making and donating unofficial ID Tags to the service men leaving to fight in such places as Cuba, China and the Philippine Islands to insure that U. casualties would be properly identified and that their next of kin could be notified.In addition civic groups and commanding officers purchased commercially made ID Tags for the local men of their Volunteer Regiments and State Militia Units before they marched off to war. 03: This keystone shaped tag hails from the Spanish American War and belonged to a member of the 14th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.The Army ID Tag remained unchanged until 1910 when it was decided that a larger disc was needed and the diameter of the tag was increased from thirty one to thirty five millimeters in diameter.The new, large size tag was designated the 1910 Identity Tag and contained the same information as the older, small sized ID Tag.

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It is interesting that the brief description of the tag went on to say, When issued the ID Tag made up part of each soldiers Field Service Equipment and as such they were worn only when the soldier was on active or simulated field service.204, War Department, 1906, this Department is charged with the duty of providing for sale to officers and gratuitous issue to enlisted men aluminum identification tags, the size of a silver half-dollar, of suitable thickness, to be suspended from the neck underneath the clothing by means of tape.Seventy-five thousand of these tags have been procured from the Ordnance Department at a cost of $750, and request for purchase of 50,000 additional have been made upon the chief of Ordnance.Being a true World War I nerd, I became interested in the variety of tags shown in that posting and decided that the WW I era Identity Tags needed to be explained in more detail and that they deserved a section of their own. dog tags as well as any period photos of the men and women wearing them! Countless American soldiers have died defending our freedom and our way of life.

In researching and compiling the photos for this subject I borrowed liberally from other forum members and have tried to give credit to those whose photos I have used. (which Im afraid I did not do justice to) or any other branch of service that show unusual or interesting markings. They are buried in military cemeterys here in the United States and where they fell in battle, in foreign countries across the globe and far too many of their graves are marked by the single word Unknown.

A captain in the Quartermaster Corps, Captain Charles C.