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In Army speak, Field Service implied service on campaign, simulated campaign, or on the march, Camp Service included service in mobilization, concentration, instruction and maneuver camps and such pauses in operations against an enemy that permitted better care of the troops, while Garrison Service applied to all troops when they were quartered in cantonments, forts or posts under conditions which permitted the normal conveniences of a civilian community. 06: These soldiers lounging in their squad tent all appear to be wearing 1911 Service Breeches and 1916 Flannel Shirts.The man seated on the bunk is wearing a single 1910 style dog tag on the outside of his shirt.This type of ID Tag is indicative of those made locally for State Militia Units.(Courtesy of forum member mars & thunder) [i]So simple a method [/i]The 1906 Identity Tag It was not until 1899 that the U. Army first began to consider that an official identity tag should be issued to the troops in the field. Part two will cover Identity Bracelets; Enlisted Mens pay Booklets and other forms of official and non official enlisted mens ID. Army, Navy & Marine Corps Identity Tags From 1906 to 1918Identity tags, better known as dog tags are much more than just another piece of the soldiers uniform.This posting was inspired by the much longer thread devoted to U. dog tags from all branches and eras, located elsewhere on the forum, if you want to have a look at it just search dog tags and it will pop up. Although the appearance of the Identity Tags has changed over the years their purpose has remained exactly the same; to identify the dead and wounded heroes who have fallen all over the world from Saipan to Sadr City; Monte Cassino to Mogadishu; Cantingy to Kasserine Pass; Inchon to the Ia Drang Valley; the Hurtgen Forest to Hue City and from Beirut to Baghdad and beyond.204, War Department, 1906, this Department is charged with the duty of providing for sale to officers and gratuitous issue to enlisted men aluminum identification tags, the size of a silver half-dollar, of suitable thickness, to be suspended from the neck underneath the clothing by means of tape.Seventy-five thousand of these tags have been procured from the Ordnance Department at a cost of $750, and request for purchase of 50,000 additional have been made upon the chief of Ordnance.

This excerpt from the 1907 journal of the Association of Military Surgeon Generals of the United States gave a hearty endorsement to the Armys new method for identifying its killed and wounded, The identification tags recently adopted for the United States Army have been made and are ready for issue.They consist of an aluminum disk the exact shape and dimensions of a silver half dollar perforated with a small aperture near the periphery through which a piece of linen tape is to be passed and worn as shown in the accompanying illustration. are to be stamped upon these disks which will render the long rows of unknown dead such as are seen at Gettysburg, Antietam and other battlefields practically impossible in another war, should one occur. 04: This photograph from the November 1907 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine shows the Armys new 1906 ID Tag and the correct manner in which it was to be marked.It is interesting that the brief description of the tag went on to say, When issued the ID Tag made up part of each soldiers Field Service Equipment and as such they were worn only when the soldier was on active or simulated field service.Being a true World War I nerd, I became interested in the variety of tags shown in that posting and decided that the WW I era Identity Tags needed to be explained in more detail and that they deserved a section of their own. dog tags as well as any period photos of the men and women wearing them! Countless American soldiers have died defending our freedom and our way of life.