Ssis package variables not updating

You can do this by going back to the project configuration. This can either be a local reference or an absolute reference.Absolute references remain valid and keep pointing to the same environment, even if we move a project to another folder.Together with parameters, they give us a convenient, flexible and powerful way to dynamically change the behavior of SSIS packages.Do not mistake the SSIS environment variables of the project deployment model with environment variables of the Windows operating system.For the remainder of this tip, we will work with the project deployment model, as it is easier to work with, more flexible and more robust.To illustrate the use of environment variables, well follow this process: The easiest way to work with environment variables is first to use parameters in your packages.Parameters are like SSIS variables, except they cannot change value during the execution of the package.

You can assign an expression to a project manager easily by right-clicking it in a package and selecting However, what if you have 5 different servers on which your package can run?

How can I change my connection strings dynamically?