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His Facebook profile shows he is friends with Foxe. Hall said it is widely recognized that correctional officers cannot have any relationship with inmates, even on social media.When "Dough Boy" wrote that he got stabbed, Foxe wrote on his Facebook page on May 9 that she saw him afterwards and "it was great seeing him and talking to him for a minute." Foxe's profile shows she is friends with other inmates who appear to still be in prison. The Channel 4 I-Team found, at one point, Foxe posted a picture of herself, and then another inmate, Stevie Dickson, reposted the picture on his own timeline.According to the 19-year-old mother’s statement, her and her ...The Washington Post reports a woman has been arrested after trying to fill her gas tank with kerosene in Illinois."The Tennessee Department of Correction remains vigilant in our fight to reduce contraband in our facilities and will prosecute and discipline those found with illegal items.It is important to note that the arrest of the officer at Riverbend was a result of our efforts to operate safe and secure prisons and detect contraband," said spokeswoman Neysa Taylor in a statement to the Channel 4 I-Team.A long trial has finally been resolved, and one Prince George’s County man was finally convicted for his horrific crime in 2016.

Kenyetta Foxe was arrested this week for allegedly having sex with convicted murderer Michael Daniels at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison.

He is additionally being charged with two counts of simple battery.