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Cleaning the darkness completely out of her also gave her a white cloak which represents great power."White Raven" was also seen in "Breakfast Cheese", when Starfire convinced Raven to try a different style of meditating.She constantly has to deal with Trigon's influence and the fact that her powers are based on emotion, so she tends to be the most emotionless of the Titans.

She has pale, white/grey skin, black, short hair with dark purple streaks in triangle bangs, purple eyes (similar to Alexandria's Genesis, a fictional genetic altercation related to pale skin and red pink eyes), and a red, diamond shaped chakra gemstone as a bindi on her forehead (known as an Ajna Chakra or Third-Eye Chakra). Four glowing red eyes and sharp fangs appear when she is very angry.She also wore a pair of long-sleeved orange gloves and orange heeled shoes.An orange scrunchie was tied onto the right of her head.She is in her ghost form with her head and has arms with four fingers instead of five. She was wearing a black strapless one-piece swimsuit, with a purple line at the top rim and a pendant similar to the one on her cloak. While infiltrating Santa's Workshop, she beat up an elf and disguised herself as one, wearing his green suit and red-and-white hat and shoes. As a dentist, she wears a white dentist coat, a mint green shirt with a tooth on the chest, white pants, a pair of mint green gloves, and low-heeled purple shoes with a tooth pattern on the soles.

She is also white, nose-less, and has a dark blue outline. She dressed herself in a yellow dress which has an orange belt with a ribbon.

Raven wears PJs, which include a dark violet-blue hoodie with a purple pony (possibly a Pretty Pretty Pegasus pony), alder shorts with small ponies on it (which are surprisingly small), white socks with a purple stripe, and pink bunny slippers. In her true demonic form, she resembles her father.