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The island of Mako holds other secrets as well; why did war break out between the Merfolk?Zak a 17 year old boy turned merman feels the answer to that question is found in a cave where a powerful trident weapon has been hidden.It's an easy spell, one every Northern Pod mermaid learns young-one that Mimmi hasn't thought about since she left.Too bad no one's ever warned Mimmi about the dangers of casting spells she doesn't really remember.

One of them had taken up martial arts, and taught younger kids every day after school to make a little money to help her through uni; she wasn’t going to ask her dad for help.Once the most ruthless gang in the city, a change in leadership presents an opportunity to take down the Suncoast Gang for good.The three girls who had gotten lost at sea for a whole day the summer before year ten were about to enter year twelve.Schuester calls The New Directions back after The 2012 Graduation –He has fantastic news of an Invitational - Only what does it mean for The New Directions when half of the choir has already graduated and calling them back now risks exposing a dark secret.

Off the coast of Queensland Australia is the ancient volcanic island of Mako. They remain outcast from their pod while they search for a cure that will change a young teenage boy now merman back into his human form.

-On Windows Phone 8, your voice commands are instantly displayed on the screen. -Several other bug fixes and resolution enhancements.

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