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Most recently Arise announced that they will start dropping by at any time to check if an agent’s house complies with Arise’s standards.” Seriously, WTF?Agents better be sure they wash all of their dirty dishes!As a 2008 graduate of Douglas, I can picture the route she walked as she headed past the concrete basketball courts and toward the field where we was always evacuated for fire drills. After all, it was Florida, and it was hot, and there was no tree cover, and it was just a drill so why couldn’t we go inside already? I knew she’d be fine—more than fine—because I had survived, and thrived, at Douglas. And my sister, well she was so much cooler, so much more social, and so much better in every way than any of us. By the time she learned that shots were being fired, she was too far away from her classroom to go back inside for lockdown, so she ran. When I think about my sister, and how innocent and perhaps naïve she is, I think about the first time I got a speeding ticket with her in the car. There is no pep talk in the big sister playbook for this moment. At the time, I didn’t understand how my presence somewhat precluded the birth of an older sibling. But then I saw my sister in her little incubator being rolled down the hallway. From my room, I could hear her telling her teddy bears to quiet down so she could get through her “lesson plan.” Sometimes, she’d knock on my door while I was doing my homework to tell me that “the kids were really misbehaving.” I think I was the unofficial principal of her stuffed animal school.I’d walked that route dozens of times; for fire drills, bomb threats—a specific time when we had two bomb threats in one day. I remember playing snake on my Nokia phone to try and pass the time. Somehow, as a nerdy kid with braces (for three of my four years there) who just wanted to play basketball 24/7, I had managed to have an incredible time in high school. In my four years at Douglas, I remember running sprints on the outdoor basketball courts next to the field. I know I never ran through that field out of fear that I was going to be shot. But of course she’s a teenager and those are the things that teenagers worry about. Now this wasn’t my first speeding ticket (not that I’ve had that many). And I don’t feel a step closer to making her, or any other student safer. I even studied violence in schools while serving as a research assistant for a professor. So I’d go into her room and we’d put a bear in time-out for a few minutes to think about what he’d done.

Arise says that they are a “work at home opportunity” and by doing this they get away with a lot of shit.Let me begin by saying that I have not personally worked for Arise, but I am hearing so many reports these days, including a few from trusted friends, that I finally had to write this Blog.I must also state that this is 100% my opinion (in case it wasn’t clear that my personal Blog is my opinion), because their SOP is to threaten to sue people when they speak out against the company.For those people who do have some work, there are never enough hours and they’re broken up all day and night.

The people stuck in this hopeless trap take whatever they can get; 15 minutes at 6am, 30 minutes at 11am, 15 minutes at 2pm, 45 minutes at 5pm, 15 minutes at pm, an hour at 2am. Arise makes all the agents scramble for time, trying to pick up work 24 hours a day.

Don’t be impressed by their boast (or any company’s claim) that they have a great rating with the BBB, because that doesn’t mean shit!