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"Yes, and because I am nice and not heartless, I'll help you get it out, one Mc Lean brand pic-axe! Once again, I started to drool, not really, but Duncan was honestly cute to me. - We were all at the mess hall and Chris was there with a large TV. Now today's challenge is about grabbing em and tagging em' and to show you how it's done, We have our favorite total drama delinquent, Duncan! Duncan was in a dolly, strapped down, and he was in a hockey mask. "Duncan owes me some camera time since he skipped out on Total Drama World Tour, so I saved the extra dangerous challenge demo just for him" He said. Actress Athena Karkanis got her start in acting in the early 2000s.She made her acting debut in an episode of 1-800-Missing, which aired in 2005; two years prior to that, however, her voice was used in an episode of the sketch show Chappelle’s Show.On television, she was a regular cast member in the first season of Canadian teen drama The Best Years in 2007, in The Border from 2008 to 2010, and in the short-lived comedy series Almost Heroes in 2011.She also had a recurring role in Lost Girl from 2011 to 2012.Survival of the Dead (2009)Who plays gay: Athena Karkanis Plot: A group of National Guardsmen attempt to take the world back from zombies that are currently in control of the earth.

File Under: Two girls that just started dating exist in a plot that we’ve seen many times before.Karkanis starred in the AMC drama series Low Winter Sun in 2013.In 2014, she was cast as a series regular in the Lifetime post-apocalyptic drama series, The Lottery.Bukarest Fleisch (2007)Who plays gay: Friederike Kempter and Ioana Iacob Plot: A young woman sets out to learn the truth about her family’s death, which takes place in a in the remote Romanian hinterland.

File Under: An actually watchable and enjoyable scary movie.

She played the role of Dawn Vargaz, a celebrity since her infancy who enters Charles University to get a break from her celebrity life. She had a regular role in the animated series Growing Up Creepie, where she voiced the title character—a preteen abandoned as a baby on the doorstep of an abandoned mansion and ends up being raised by bugs.