Error occurred while setup was updating partition information

KEY9: easyrecovery copy10: easyrecovery copy & verify11: password key copy & verify12: easyrecovery mode change-sf: set update sub flag Value0: SD Card1: USB12: USB2-uif: set ui update flag Value0: non-updating1: updating MX6SDL JUPITER KT 4.2.2 U-Boot If you cyclically reboot the GU after you Developer Option Selected Catch Snapshot Type the command: Bsp set -m 0or Bsp set -s 0Depending on what's wrong with you Reboot and rejoice. Read a variety of resources, including this one and realized that first you need to make a full backup of the system, and only then try to somehow modernize the system.Whatever tormented with the pins and did not kill the RGB connector I made the cable RGB2UART Cabel for AVICBought a cable to connect i Phone 4CD-IU201S, Used with it a connector as a donor itself UART cable on PL2303HXD\ For other languages, edit the corresponding folders. Downloaded testmode_a.key, necessary scripts and files to create an image on an external flash drive.Get support for your product, with downloads, knowledge base articles, documentation, and more.

After reading this branch, I understood, having Avik8100 - I'm full of fuck. I've been waiting a year for something incomprehensible.

F970BT (DAB)- no micro SD slot- HDMI input, now if you want to connect the Iphone in App Radio mode you need to buy an AV adapter not with HDMI but with VGA Screen 6.2 "instead of 6.1", the resolution for all models remains unchanged 800x480 Remote control Differences F970BT (DAB) vs.