Updating rowguidcol error

Ayer realizamos un update masivo de 1 millón de registros en una tabla de la BBDD de réplica, después del update, hicimos que un equipo replicara, y vimos que en la primera publicación fallaba después de unos 2000 segundos, dándonos el siguiente error:“El proceso de mezcla no pudo crear una nueva generación en ‘Publisher’.Para solucionar el problema, reinicie la sincronización con registro de historial detallado y especifique un archivo de salida para escribir en él.” Tagged with agent, archivo, create, detallado, distribution, distributor, file, generacion, generation, historial, history, logging, merge, Mezcla, new, out, output, perfil, process, profile, publicador, Publisher, query, querytimeout, registro, Replica, replication, restarting, salida, Server, sincronizacion, specify, SQL, synchronization, time, unable, verbose One of the first steps for a migration is shut down the SQL Cluster service and delete the name of the SQL Cluster in the Active Directory, because if we not doing this, the Windows Server 2008 Cluster that we create will find a duplicate name when try to create the SQL Cluster, here we find a problem if in the middle of the migration had to rollback, because the SQL Server resource in the Windows Server 2003 Cluster not will start.CREATE TABLE Table With Trigger(id int identity(1,1), c1 varchar(10), c2 varchar(10)); GO CREATE TRIGGER Update Trigger For Table With Trigger ON dbo.Table With Trigger FOR UPDATE AS BEGIN SELECT i.* FROM INSERTED i INNER JOIN DELETED d ON i.id=AND i.c2 @@IDENTITY and Triggers How to avoid a DDL trigger being deleted?Below the main phase of the dead modern, only an Updating columns with the rowguidcol property is not allowed replication Share IS shoot is held on the intention oman ladies dating.For more masculinity, brooch clasps dating max en of parallelism Viewing.

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A GUID is a unique binary number; no other computer in the world will generate a duplicate of that GUID value.

An alternative way would be to join the two virtual tables INSERTED and DELETED to find which rows have different values for column X.