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In 1995, électronique d2 acquired La Cie, and later adopted the name 'La Cie' for all of its operations.At the early founding stages of both companies, both focused their businesses on IT storage solutions, based on the SCSI interface standard for connecting external devices to computers.During the 1980s, little attention was paid to design aesthetic of computers and peripherals to it.Design – if any – was minimalistic, and tended towards beige metal boxes with no frills.La Cie began life as two separate computer storage companies: as électronique d2 in Paris, France, and as La Cie in Portland, Oregon, USA.The parent company, électronique d2 began in 1989 in Paris, France, and La Cie, which was later bought out by électronique d2, began in 1987 in Tigard, Oregon.A fourth Starck-designed product was completed to model stage in 1992 but was never manufactured.Industrial designer Neil Poulton has the longest running history with électronique d2/La Cie.

By 1990, the company had outgrown its small beginnings and moved to new 900 square meter premises in rue Watt, also in Paris.SCSI was adopted by Apple Computer as its main peripheral interface standard and the market for both La Cie and d2 became closely, but not exclusively, associated with the Macintosh platform.In Europe, the French company électronique d2 was founded in 1989 by Pierre Fournier and Philippe Spruch, working from their apartment in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.La Cie also has a series of mobile bus-powered hard drives.