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Orchestra, and the featured artist was George Greeley as guest pianist.George Greeley was also featured on several singles issued by Warner Brothers.The music score was by Max Steiner, the Technicolor cinematography by Harry Stradling Sr., the art direction by Leo K. The film stars Troy Donahue, Claudette Colbert, Karl Malden and Dean Jagger, with Connie Stevens, Diane Mc Bain, Sharon Hugueny, Sylvia Miles, Madeleine Sherwood and Hayden Rorke.The film marked Claudette Colbert's last role on the big screen.At the same time, rich middle-aged portly landowner S. Crawford (Claude Akins), who owns the farm where the Inglish family live, begins to secretly eye up Claudelle.Despite her mother's protests, Linn wins her dad's approval by helping him on the farm.His mother marries Post's ambitious rival Judd Raike, who then sets about ruining Post.

Mildred Savage, on whose novel the film was based, was a frequent visitor to the set.Her mother objects to the relationship, fearing Claudelle will end up in the same rut she is, being married to a poor farmer, resulting in a stormy marriage.Claudelle is forced to endure her parents' many arguments stemming from Jessie's unhappiness having to be married to Clyde, a poor but hard-working farmer.The film was a success at the box office but received little critical acclaim.

A 1965 New York Times article called it "pure camp".

Records soundtrack (WS-1413) recording used five of the film's main themes in both a short version and a concerto versions.