Dating a bad dresser

But by the late 60s, the male half of the species turned into Stan Rizzo, badly dressed sartorial comfort seekers who never came within spitting distance of a suit or tailor they liked.And since men often learn how to dress from their fathers, we've been stuck in this generational cycle of bad style for nearly half a century now.Again, I’d advise that you use kid gloves when it comes to this stuff because even the dude you puts zero thought into his jorts and Dr. On the off chance that your girlfriend is wearing something you like, .Who shirt ensemble can get mighty upset when his aesthetics are questioned. And be specific about what it is about her outfit that you like.The fact is that many men are stuck in a style rut.While most women are at least vaguely aware of what's fashionable and take an interest in what other women are wearing, men latch on to a look and then refuse to change it. When she and her husband David met in their late 20s, their first dates were all after work and he would arrive looking suave in a suit.And let him know you’d happily do the same if he sees something he thinks would look good on you.

In the end, on the morning of the premiere I chose a low-key outfit that would complement Nick's clothes, opting for a Mc Queen pencil skirt, which miraculously sucks in everything, a shirt from Anthropologie and a Zara leather jacket.Stuff like: I got this sport coat because I think this color really looks good on you.Or, I love it when guys wear ties, so I thought I’d pick you up one. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ‘em drink it, yadayadayada. If you two are out shopping and you see something he’d look good on, suggest that he try it on.For the past 50 years or so, it's been wives and girlfriends who have done much of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping men fashionable. The modern male's inability to properly dress himself can probably be blamed on the hippies. Until the flower-power revolution of the late 1960s, it was much more common for men to care about how they looked.

The world was full of Don Drapers (we're just highlighting the fashion here, not the culturally imbedded misogyny): men who wore crisply tailored suits with cuff links and pocket squares.

When I met Nick in 1993, he was working as a TV news editor and his style could only be described as 'studenty' - and that's if you were being polite.