Wow armoury not updating

Bare in mind that all these upgrades are apart of a Mid Life improvement program, so this doesn’t even mean the Mo D will be getting a new rifle, it just means they will be updating the L85A2s they have now to A3 versions.In addition, these are just prototypes so the final changes might not have anything to actually do with what we see here.From their posting- Part of a feasibility study for the SA80A2 Mid Life Improvement project, which aims to prolong the in-service life of the UK Forces’ 5.56mm weapon beyond its 2025 OSD, the A3 prototype includes a number of modifications including:-.¤ a safety stud placed above the change lever on the trigger mechanism housing to ensure that this lever does not over-rotate, ¤ the Weaver rail on top of the upper receiver being taken off and a full length Picatinny rail fitted – this will allow day sight and night sight to be mounted in tandem, ¤ a new foregrip, or quadrail, as part of the new full-length rail which will be attached slightly differently to the current one allowing the barrel to be more free-floating than at present to improve accuracy and consistency, ¤ redesign of the A3 upper receiver for improved reliability and maintainability over the current A2 variant, ¤ and colour change to Matt Earth for better compatibility with MTP camouflage uniforms.The handguard and combined full length rail system probably have the largest changes, finish to Matte Earth (didn’t realize that color existed prior to this article, can’t find any examples on it elsewhere), side rails to what appear to be Key Mod, back up iron sights, a much more slimmer and modular quad rail system (to include the Key Mod), full length rail system, and then some internal changes to the design.The ensuing pictures come from Think Defense, a UK based defense blog.

The only problem I have is my armory page is not updating regularly.

We are experiencing a monumental number of render requests so it could have been really delayed.