Wow armoury not updating

From their posting- Part of a feasibility study for the SA80A2 Mid Life Improvement project, which aims to prolong the in-service life of the UK Forces’ 5.56mm weapon beyond its 2025 OSD, the A3 prototype includes a number of modifications including:-.¤ a safety stud placed above the change lever on the trigger mechanism housing to ensure that this lever does not over-rotate, ¤ the Weaver rail on top of the upper receiver being taken off and a full length Picatinny rail fitted – this will allow day sight and night sight to be mounted in tandem, ¤ a new foregrip, or quadrail, as part of the new full-length rail which will be attached slightly differently to the current one allowing the barrel to be more free-floating than at present to improve accuracy and consistency, ¤ redesign of the A3 upper receiver for improved reliability and maintainability over the current A2 variant, ¤ and colour change to Matt Earth for better compatibility with MTP camouflage uniforms.I have other characters that I have played that do not have the same problem. As you can see in my forum avatar / level, my rogue is currently level 83. I could understand a few hours, but 4 days........please help!!! I have not received updates to my Armory Page for two days now.The wowarmory profile shows the character at level 82 in old gear. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can get it to update the armory correctly. Trickey I am having this same problem, my toon as not updated since the 18th, I have since logged out naked, in my healing gear, partially dressed, ..... I have cleared browser cache, used different browsers and tried logging in and out multiple times and the page is not updating. Have cleared browser cache, restarted my desktop, tried alternate browser, disabled add-ons, updated add-ons, all with log in / out to test between... The last time my armory profile shows updating was 12/10/2010.I have logged in and out of this character multiple times since then. None of the changes have been saved to my armory profile since 12/10/2010. I have logged my character in and out multiple times since the last time it updated.

This week at the Defense Vehicle Dynamics exposition held in Millbrook Proving Ground outside of the town of Bedford in the U.The server is not saving my profile when I log on / off.The feed is not capturing the stuff I have looted or the achievements I have gotten either.The article mentions this is supposed to get the military to 2025, so if Britain is in the ballpark of a new rifle competition then, it’ll be an interesting turnout.

In addition to the above statement, we have these details about the modification of the rifle– The Dismounted Close Combat Programme team, part of the UK Ministry of Defence, intends to place a contract for the Equipped to Fight Improvement (EFI) programme for the modification of 5 000 SA80 weapons with Heckler & Koch GMBH & Co for work to be completed by March 2017. The contract will require the supplier to modify the existing SA80 A2 weapon by fitting a combination of new and modified components.

Please respond blues as I know I am not the only person experiencing this issue. Trickey The only problem I have is my armory page is not updating regularly.