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The industry is ready for a move to focus on the dating part of 'online dating.'”“Trending already beginning into the new year, [is] old-fashion dating, courting, taking it slow, clarifying intentions for seeking lovers versus serious relationships leading to marriage and family goals," Dr. "More singles [are] burned out [and] want more, deeper meaningful connections.

You cut all contact with them; become a literal ghost. But ghosting has got a new dating trend hot on its heels if recent reports are to be believed: benching.Wow, I have just typed the word bench more times in this past half hour than I ever have in my life. While it might be tough to believe — dating apps and sites are still, technically, a new thing. ) under it’s matchmaking belt, swiping right or left still has a long time to go and many ways it can continue to evolve.The fact that there is an endless sea of people causes people to take it more casually.

What I expect will happen is that the apps (Tinder, Bumble) will figure out ways to be more selective and weed out people who may not be as serious on the sites.

For those of us who have been in the swiping game for a while and looking for something more, I bet there will be a welcome attitude for this movement.

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