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Satisfied with their days work the men left and I led Kathy somewhat gingerly down the stairs and outside to the car. Perhaps she even wanted to go through with such an event again. Being bred so powerfully and all in front of her husband. As well as Vikkis next video which she kindly sent to us. The day certainly hadnt turned out the way we had planned. Both women had shared a last knowing glance as they parted. I couldnt help but wonder on her words to one of the men. Over the next few days Kathy felt what I can only imagine was a mixture of shame and guilt over that she had done. She kept asking me if I felt about her any different. Of course I loved her but I had really enjoyed watching the three black men fucking them both. We had been fully sucked into Bob and Vikkis world and deep down Kathy had enjoyed it too.

When Vikki and Bob sent us an further invitation Kathy wanted some time to think it over. I always knew shed say YES and we had soon accepted.

He can't let you go because letting go of you is letting go of something very symbolic to him. Letting go of the thrill of having a new person be attracted to you.