Uses of mass spectrometry in radioactive dating

The same applies to archeological sites, containing rock art like cupules, petroglyphs, pictographs and other prehistoric works.Thus this list of the earliest art by our ancestors like Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis, Homo neanderthalensis, and Homo sapiens sapiens - should be seen merely as a snapshot of an ongoing process of discovery.Neolithic Period c.4,000 - 2,000 BCE: Northern and Western Europe c.7,000 - 2,000 BCE: Southeast Europe c.8,000 - 2,000 BCE: Middle East & Rest of World See: Neolithic art, for details.The Neolithic age witnesses the beginning of civilization in the lands of Sumer, (see Mesopotamian art and Mesopotamian sculpture), Egypt and Persia, as well as the Indus Valley civilization in India.Cities like Jericho, Ur are built, requiring all sorts of architecture and forms of public art.

A major type of absolute dating is radiometric dating.For a sculptural masterpiece from the late Neolithic of southern Europe, see the terracotta sculpture known as The Thinker of Cernavoda (c.5000 BCE, National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest).Noted for its metallurgy, including exquisite early bronze, gold and silver metalwork, and ceramics.Thus much of the finest African art and primitive "tribal art" as well as aboriginal "Oceanic art" from the Paleolithic world, are already lost to us.

NOTE: One miraculous discovery occurred in 1890, in a peat bog near Sverdlovsk in the Urals, where archeologists found the Shigir Idol (7,500 BCE), the oldest surving example of wood carving.

Nearby hand stencils were dated to about 37,000 BCE. The oldest art in Asia and the world's oldest hand stencil. Upper Paleolithic (40,000-8,000 BCE) The major period of early fine art, exemplified by portable art like the Venus Figurines, bas-relief sculpture and the polychrome cave paintings and engravings of Lascaux and Altamira. Neanderthal man replaced by anatomically modern man, like Cro-Magnon Man.

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    Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. application of AMS is radiocarbon dating. does not rely on radioactive decay to detect the 14 C.…