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Porn consumers would help both establish a market and build familiarity and expertise with the new technology.Then a bigger, more mainstream market would follow, whether for VHS movies, DVDs, or the World Wide Web, and the pioneering role of sex would diminish.They- especially —have invested in the development of digital watermarking technology to prevent the unauthorized use of online images.

Guyana gets as much as 40 percent of its gross domestic product from incoming phone calls. Lane III, a lawyer specializing in Internet matters who has written a book titled , “the willingness of consumers in the United States and western Europe to pay high per-minute charges for simple access to phone sex has had a direct impact on the ability of small nations to rebuild (or in some cases build) the telecommunications infrastructure they need to attract other types of business.” Why should sex, of all things, be one of the fuels of the information revolution? Technology after technology, one of the first things people do is use it for sex.Local opposition to dial-up sex followed, and local phone-sex numbers gave way to long-distance and 800 ones and then international ones.By 1996, an estimated 1.5 percent of all international phone calls were pornographic. Most of those calls are routed through remote countries, some so remote that most people have never heard of them, like Niue and São Tomé.As in other developing media, it was at first just a matter of encouraging sales.

For instance, as the historian David Morton notes, prostitutes were the principal home users of the expensive early answering machines of the 1950s.

In the early years, between a third and a half of all Minitel traffic was sexual; the product’s use expanded, and the importance of those pathbreakers declined.

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