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Left in sleep mode, the system holds a charge for days.The Vita is the first portable gaming device to include controls that achieve parity with what’s available on modern consoles.Vita’s "exclusive" game catalog is limited, mostly because Sony’s interest in supporting the system with development resources has waned.However, the publisher does continue to partner with indie game developers, bringing some of the strangest and best games from PC to the portable console.As one single slab, it’s less breakable than the clamshell 3DS — good for young gamers.But both the 2DS and 3DS will be outdated when the New 3DS is released in the States.

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Three years after its purchase, my Vita still hits the high end of that estimate.The difference between normal and XL cater to an individual’s preference: would you prefer a slightly larger screen or a system that fits in your pocket? A few reasons to consider the newer Vita: while its LCD screen pales alongside the original, some people may prefer the lighter, thinner hardware, the extra hour of battery life, and the micro-USB port, a significant improvement over the original’s custom and difficult to find charging cable.Base any buying decisions on how you prioritize visuals, battery life, and feel.(If you’re deep into the gaming hobby, the hardware is the portable equivalent of Sega’s doomed Dreamcast, a console that drew the road map for today’s online-friendly gaming systems.) To be clear, the best Play Station Vita is not the new Play Station Vita, aka the Vita Slim, a plastic oddity that I’ll get to shortly.

No, I’m referring to the original hardware, which has a bit more heft, making it easier to hold, and a far more attractive 960 x 544 OLED display.

The Play Station Vita may one day live alongside the Dreamcast as a brilliant, but underappreciated stroke of cursed engineering.

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