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However, Magnus suspects Druitt of murdering one of the passengers during the rescue., the team starts a worldwide investigation that could have alarming global consequences.are stranded from civilization and aid after their plane goes down in a desolate mountain range.While anxiously waiting for a rescue team, the surviving passengers begin to fall victim to vicious and deadly attacks throughout the night.Looking to share a quiet, "normal" evening out with Abby, Will and his date are abducted en route to the restaurant by a desperate gang leader who faces certain death without their help.Then, upon learning the abductor's identity, Magnus suddenly ceases all attempts at rescue.At one point we were on-location in the middle of the night, which is rare for us, and everything going on around me just felt so surreal.I also got to direct this year, which was a fantastic experience.

But when Will falls ill and then disappears, Magnus knows they are dealing with something extremely powerful… Second half of the two-part season finale Season 3 is set to premier at pm on Friday, October 15 on Syfy in the US and SPACE in Canada, In the United Kingdom at pm Tuesday October 19 on WATCH and on Thursday October 21 on Sci Fi in Australia.A group of abnormals has to be contained, and Magnus finds herself in a jurisdictional battle with the UN and a private security firm that wants to seize control of the Abnormals and take over the project from the Sanctuary Network.( Season Finale ) A hostage situation unfolds when Magnus flies to a remote island off of Africa to meet the Sanctuary's new financial adviser; a shipping container mix up has Will and Henry tracking a missing abnormal.The season opener [“Tempus”] is phenomenal and that carries though right up to the two-part season finale, which is just like a feature film.

It’s unbelievable when I look back at the things that we did in it.

More than once, Will’s job responsibilities have put his life at risk, including at the start of Sanctuary’s third year when he “died” in order to stop an especially powerful and dangerous Abnormal nicknamed “Big Bertha” from destroying countless lives.

Amanda tapping and robin dunne dating comments

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    The enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus AMANDA TAPPING recruits an insightful forensic psychiatrist Will Zimmerman ROBIN DUNNE to join her in the quest to track, study. Will and Henry's double date goes awry when Magnus insists they do a straight-forward delivery of an Abnormal on the way to their dinner reservations.…
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    Nov 3, 2011. Robin Dunne as Dr. Will Zimmerman in Sanctuary. The stakes are even higher for our heroes in the show's fourth and current season, and Robin Dunne, who plays Will, has been more than happy to take on. This story was directed by executive producer Amanda Tapping, who also plays Helen Magnus.…
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