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Thomas Cranmer, Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer were burned at the stake for their Anglican religious beliefs in 1555 and this memorial is dedicated to their memory.Across the street from the Martyrs Memorial sits the grand entrance to the Ashmolean Museum.The Museum takes a good chunk of time to visit so it’s up to you to decide whether a visit to the museum will fit into your walking tour or if you’d prefer to carry directly on. Follow ST GILES past the Museum and eventually on the LEFT HAND SIDE will appear The Eagle & Child. Balliol/Trinity College (F) Balliol College, founded in 1263, counts three prime ministers, five Noel laureates and two Indian cricked captains as alumni. Tolkien since its construction on New Year’s Day in 1879.The Eagle and Child (E) Standing here since at least the mid 1600’s, The Eagle and Child is affectionately known in town as the Bird and Baby or the Fowl and Foetus and is one of the best loved pubs in Oxford because of its history and literary connections. Trinity College, founded in 1555, counts three prime ministers, a King of Belgium, numerous politicians and explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton as alumni. and over 3 miles of shelving, Blackwell’s is an Oxford institution and has been selling books to Oxford students and literati such as J. With Blackwell’s on your LEFT, the building on your RIGHT is The Sheldonian Theatre.

Continue up BROAD STREET until it ends then turn RIGHT onto CATTLE STREET.Discover the famous alumni who studied and taught at the university.Go inside the oldest college dining hall, chapel, cloisters and quadrangles.We can also offer walking tours in London and Cambridge – see the .

“We spent the whole of our student loan on battels and we’ve got £10 to last the term. Lifestyles takes on the world at work.” For those who want to explore Oxford on foot and would like to tread the streets on their own, we’ve put together a self-guided tour of the city that will take you through the historic halls of the universities, past world-class museums and gardens and gives you multiple opportunities to climb towers and spires and take in wonderful views of Oxford.

If walking straight through, the tour would take around two hours, but if you wish to visit some of the museums, enter some of the historic locations, and maybe stop for a drink and a bite to eat in the covered market, this walk could easily last you an entire day. It’s a good idea to go inside and climb up the 99 steps to the top which gives you an unparalleled view of the city you’re about to explore.

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