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Lisa is a self-described "volume drinker," and Jake considers himself neutral but has vices of his own (hint: Doritos).Listen as the panel argues, admits, and attempts to be real about when coffee and our Christian walk collide.How can she turn awkwardness to her advantage and identify strategies for workplace success? THE PUBLICATION of this historical sketch of the development of Southern Pacific seems particularly appropriate at this time when the railroad's organization has added, in terms of achievement, another outstanding chapter to the history of the road. Out on line, in the yards, in the shops and offices, day and night they will continue to do the greatest job in our history." Such confidence was, indeed, well merited; for during the entire war period the Southern Pacific organization, despite serious handicaps of manpower and equipment shortages, kept unprecedented volumes of traffic moving to surpass any previous accomplishment in the company's existence.For more information on NP/NIGHTS, check out our Instagram or visit our website. Whether it's money, time, sex, or influence, our desire for more shapes how we live.Adam Boyle & Dave Adamson begin our new series "More Life" by diving into the things that really give us more life. For more information on NP/NIGHTS, check out our Instagram or visit our website.

For more information on NP/NIGHTS and our next live event, head over to our Instagram or website. Helpful links from today's podcast: Info on Money Personalities Money Wise Budget Tool For more information on Money Wise and to get into a group, head over to Bonus: Hilarious song around the anxiety of checking your bank account."We all want to run after the things that give us more life and be able to walk away from the things that don't." Will and Mallory have a conversation with Adam around his recent talk at NP/NIGHTS.However, there are biblical principles that can be applied to our love life.In this audio podcast, we talk through some of our top frequently asked questions and how it pertains to God’s Word.Clay Scroggins and Debbie Causey get real about something we might assume restricts life, but in reality, gifts life.

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Yep, that magical brown liquid known as "coffee." Some folks, like our panel member John, spend their weekends scouring shops for the best beans.

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