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The other two actual smartphone apps above aren’t free anymore. On the Android side of mobile there’s SCANN3D which technically has a free mode with basic quality processing.But since that mode doesn’t allow you to export anything it’s really more of a demo than a free app.

It wasn’t really a full 3D capture app but it was fun, fast and free!And if you shoot separate photos instead of video the quality will be higher.It’s clear that the capture-on-mobile, process-on-PC methods currently gives the highest quality 3D models by far.Trnio works on practically every i Phone but requires you to upload, download en wait in the cloud-processing queue multiple times which might be frustrating for some and is certainly recommended to do on Wi Fi.

The Scann3D workflow has the least amount of hassle, because everything is simply done on the device itself.

You can do photogrammetry with just your phone, completely offline (while your battery lasts). So there you have it: the only really free option isn’t an app but very nice PC software 3DF Zephyr that you can use to process the photos or videos (tip: set your phone camera app to 4K recording if it has that option! You can sync them to your PC using a USB cable or Dropbox or a similar service (do that over Wi Fi, because file sizes can be quite big).

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