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"You have a keel line, a gunnel line and a stylish ending at the stern of the boat.It is impossible to describe findings such as this, it's unbelievably artful," Gjerde said.We deliver worldwide within 1-3 working days at competitive prices.

We sell three kinds of fireplace screens: (1) Fireplace screens or fire screens with a fine mesh that sparks cannot pass through, (2) English fire guards that protect against sparks or keep children and pets at a distance, depending on the size of the holes in the mesh, and (3) Fire fenders that prevent ash from entering the room from the fireplace.For orders to the UK up to €200 we charge €15 up to 30 kg and €37,50 up to 45 kg. All the items shown on this site are in stock, can be ordered online, and will generally be delivered within 3 working days both in Europe and the US. We can advise you on the size, style and functionality of our fireplace firebacks and andirons as well as how to combine different fireplace accessories to create a beautiful, matching set.Moreover, we can help you with in your fireplace with our various fireplace accessories.A cast iron fireback takes heat otherwise lost and radiates this heat into the room.