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A strong relationship provides security for your children and demonstrates how a loving, respectful partnership should be. After all, they can be so demanding — not to mention fulfilling.

We have tons of shared interests, practice yoga together and, yes, go to all of the NYC organic restaurants. What is even more remarkable is that we have never had one argument since we started spending time together. The Situation She is divorced (well, right on the verge of it becoming legal and having all the papers signed) and has two very young children.Because in those families, there is all the more love to go around.A couple years ago, a guy I went out with read my blog before we went out, and mulled my opinions on putting your kids behind your romantic partner.Stop putting kids first Imagine a relationship that centers on the two of you, and all the stability and care your kids will take from that.

Accept that a truly wonderful relationship only multiplies the love available to your kids — not robs them of some of yours.

Furthermore, raising kids in NYC is an absolute fortune.3) I am too selfish and want my life to be about me and my partner.

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