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Some scholars believe that some portions of the Pali Canon and Agamas could contain the actual substance of the historical teachings (and possibly even the words) of the Buddha.In East Asian Buddhism, what is considered buddhavacana is collected in the Chinese Buddhist canon.Doctrinal elaborations were preserved in Abhidharma works and later Karikas (verse expositions).As Buddhism spread geographically, these texts were translated into the local language, such as Chinese and Tibetan.

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The works of important Buddhist philosophers like Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu and Dharmakirti are generally termed Shastras, and were written in Sanskrit.Shingon Buddhism developed a system that assigned authorship of the early sutras to Gautama Buddha in his physical manifestation, of the Ekayana sutras to the Buddhas as Sambhoghakaya, and the Vajrayana texts to the Buddha as Dharmakaya.In Tibetan Buddhism, what is considered buddhavacana is collected in the Kangyur.The East Asian and Tibetan Buddhist canons always combined Buddhavacana with other literature in their standard collected editions.