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The bill, based on a system already in place in the US State of Oregon, would have enabled anyone thought to have no more than six months to live in the opinion of two doctors to be given heolp to end their life.A High Court judge would also have had to rule that the person had voluntarily expressed a clear, settled intention to die.

She also did the artwork for the articles here, here, and here. “We hope Parliament will now turn its attention to the real issues facing our country of ensuring that everybody can access the very best care, regardless of whether they are disabled or terminally ill and that we fund this adequately.” The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Southwark, the Most Rev Peter Smith, said the bill had posed “grave risks” to the most vulnerable people in society.“There is much excellent practice in palliative care which we need to celebrate and promote, and I hope now the debate on assisted suicide is behind us, that this will become a focus for political action,” he said. Trying to prove something to yourself and others is the root of most misery. In the beginning, it was mostly about my party life and the girls I was dating.

There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the planet, you couldn’t be special even if you wanted to be, so stop trying to prove yourself all the time. I recommend starting with each of the articles on the Best Articles page. My roommates at the time were blogging about their lives and they encouraged me do the same.

The rest of the site is either art/photos licensed from various websites, or done by myself. I don’t work for any publisher or magazine or editor. See, to remain independent, to keep sharing my unabridged thoughts and dropping F-Bombs like it’s Dresden in 1944, I depend on the support of the very people who read me every week.

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