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Their dogs do not walk themselves, but, like ours, they pull on a leash attached to a human hand.And when a child needs to be taken to a piano lesson, the youngster musn't be kept waiting, even if Mommy or Daddy has to interrupt that phone call about a multipicture deal.Bar and restaurant owners Patrick Swayze, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Matt Dillon consider their fame critical to building the clientele of their respective establishments. Fox and Bill Cosby bend over backward to accommodate their throngs of loyal fans.As in any exact science, there are rules to follow when one hopes to spot a favorite celebrity.Fox are among the thousands of actors who are inspired and invigorated by residing in this city that never sleeps.Rock and rollers flock to New York to catch the energy and excitement that emanates from life here.

Martin's Press, whose warmth and attention goes unheralded in the publishing industry. Gotham is home not only to major movie stars but also to rock-and-roll greats, soap-opera personalities, superstar sports heroes, operatic divas and prima ballerinas, and even notorious criminal masterminds.Some stars opt for the serenity and sophistication of the Upper East Side. Still others prefer to project a chic downtown persona and therefore reside in the cutting-edge neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and Tri-beca. Brooke Shields enters a 57th Street movie theater just before the credits roll, sits in the back row, and retreats as the final tine is spoken.Sunglasses and a kerchief do little to conceal Sophia Loren as she shops the pricey 5th Avenue boutiques close to home.Woody Allen makes his movies almost exclusively in Manhattan, and when he's hungry he visits the Carnegie Deli to eat pastrami with fellow funnymen like Bill Cosby, Milton Berle, and Henny Young-man. Celebrities tend to cluster at certain restaurants.

Often these eateries are owned by fellow entertainers.

)Other celebrities, however, enjoy the commotion and adoration that come from fan recognition.