Updating the wiikey

In opposite to what's stated in the official specification, some people reported problems with Gamecube games that are using streaming audio. You do not have to upgrade the firmware, as the Wiikey comes shipped with one.The problems seem to happen with any kind of media, be it backup or orignal. What you should (and in the case of clones have to) do though, is use the "Setup Disc Images v1.3" (available via download) to configure your chip to play games in the right video format etc.This update provides the same firmware update as the regular Wiikey Fusion Update v1.2 released on 8th June, but it runs in recovery mode.Use this only if you are unable to apply the regular v1.2 update.To determine if a Wiikey is a clone use the following guide: As of now, all region free methods (be it patching with a region free application, or in this case, the Wiikey's built in region free capability) share the same method of patching.Therefore, all compatibility issues are the same, and can be documented on one specific page. The Wii Key modifies the responses that the DVD Drive sends to the motherboard when verifying discs authenticity. Soon after this happened to me, I started to find a lot of people with the same problem in forums around the net.

In contrast to that, there are little to no complains about clones not working.

That’s not what this is about, I had 20 backups that worked flawlessly for 3 months, now a couple of days after updating to 1.9g none of them will load, only originals do.

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