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We welcome the opportunity to enhance this page with reliable information. Be sure to check the status of the patient in STAR before disclosing information over the phone. What could happen to me if I talked about patients even though I no longer worked here? We are all required to keep patient information confidential "forever". All forms of information written, spoken, or electronic are confidential and must be protected. What should you do if another organization asks for access to patient information in your computer system? Forward the request to your privacy (Lynn Hutt) or security officer (Mike Lowry). Who is responsible if I "lend" my password to my co-worker and she uses it to look up information on a friend she's concerned about? Both of us have violated our organization's policy. They should be at least six characters long; contain both numbers and letters; never be a real word or a significant number string; never be the name of a fictional character, a car model, or such. Is it okay to hide your password under your mouse pad or keyboard tray? Thus the physician can get his password restored, and you are on record for noting that the patient look-up was done at the physician's request. What should you do if your computer access doesn't let you see information you need? Loading of software on PCs can also create issues with software necessary to do business which could render the PC inoperable. Why is it important to read the message when you log on that tells you the last time you logged on? If it was at an hour or on a day when you know you couldn't have logged on, someone else may have used your user ID and password. The HIPAA Privacy Rule for the first time creates national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. An “authorization” is required by the Privacy Rule for uses and disclosures of protected health information not otherwise allowed by the Rule. A patient can resquest to have all, some or none of their information provided over the phone to callers. Computer user IDs and access codes, payroll information, confidential memos, and many other documents are also considered confidential information. Please refer to The University of Toledo's Medical Record Retention and Destruction; Disposal of Protected Health Information policy. This is not taking reasonable care to keep your password secret. What should you do if a well-known staff physician says that he has lost his password but needs immediate access to his patient's lab results and asks you to look up that patient's records for him? But you should let the physician know you are not comfortable in doing this.How can hospitals governed by the ethical imperative to ‘first do no harm’ be killing patients in their care?How can the NHS have been turned in these circumstances into a National Death Service?

It’s not enough to be a smart cookie or ace the practical tests. Did I mention demanding relatives and incomprehensible doctors’ orders on top of these? No matter how stressful or demanding your life is, you’re dating someone who can handle it. And yes, it mostly involves blood, internal organs and a host of other undesirable things that can make even the strongest men squeamish. Retracting internal organs for a three hour operation also helps strengthen our arms.More fundamentally, it has arisen from a profound confusion in society caused by a collapse of moral absolutes and a resulting inability to make the key distinction between dying and killing.It was graphically illustrated by the decision of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society to change its name to Dignity In Dying, which deliberately muddled dying with the taking of life — thus playing on people’s fears and sympathies around dying in order to sanitise euthanasia.Accordingly, it rules out potentially distressing interventions aimed at prolonging the dying process.

In practice, however, the LCP has turned into something quite different.

For while in some cases it has been used properly as intended, with numerous others it has become, instead, a backdoor form of euthanasia.

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