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Eventually, though, there will be that night you meet up with him after a night with the girls and voila: the drunk version of you is revealed.One of two things is going to happen the morning after (ignoring the obvious hangover being one) and that’s either that your man will laugh with you about your drunken behavior and assure you that you weren’t that bad, he will be horrified about what you did or said (and you’ll have to get into damage control mode).Your first argument could be about anything: they’re still talking to their ex, they bailed on important plans, or they acted inappropriately around your friends.Whatever the situation, remember that holding a grudge is never healthy for a relationship – no matter what the circumstances are.Eventually, the honeymoon phase wears off and you get to experience how your partner acts during an argument.You’re watching for key red flags such as a violent temper, lack of listening skills or a complete disregard for your side of the story.

If you’ve learned to pick your battles and let the smaller things go, he’ll be more likely to view A big step in any relationship is extending your sleepovers to longer than just one night.I know we’ve been going to them, but this is what my financial situation looks like …” If you can survive awkward conversations like that, you’re half way to a real relationship because in real relationships, all the truths are laid out on the table.Be honest about just how much disposable income you have or don’t have. No matter how healthy you are, there’s going to be a time when you will not be looking or feeling your best.If it’s the latter, he’s either too uptight or you’re just a terrible drunk – but there’s got to be a happy medium the two of you can find.