Updating a couch

If the back part of the couch is discolored, you'll be looking at a large bill for recovering it.You don't always have to replace parts or completely cover the discoloration on your old couch.For common shapes and sizes, you may be able to find a reasonably-priced slipcover at your local furniture store.If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can make one yourself.If you really want a dramatic change, dip-dye a slipcover for a watercolor effect that will transform your sofa into a statement piece, Wingard says.Similar colors—such as navy dye on a blue slipcover—are a more subtle way to try the trend, but the real key to this look is making sure your cover fits tightly over the sofa, as if it were a second skin.

Changing out the legs is easier than you'd think—decorating blog The Blissful Bee (whose photo is shown here) offers a full tutorial on making the swap.A lot of times, the fabric isn't worn out, it's simply stained from being used.Depending on what the couch is made of, give it a good deep cleaning.If you've already flipped over the cushions to conceal the stains and discolored areas, you can mask the spots or problem areas with a couple of things.

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