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They never went to war against the United States but they were forcibly relocated in 1831-1833, as part of the Indian Removal, in order for the US to take over their land for development by European Americans.In the 19th century, the Choctaw were classified by European Americans as one of the "Five Civilized Tribes" because they adopted numerous practices of their United States neighbors.The Choctaw are the third-largest federally recognized tribe.Since the mid-twentieth century, the Choctaw have created new institutions, such as a tribal college, housing authority, and justice system. 4101 called the Native American Housing Self-Determination Act of 1986 (formerly the "Indian" Housing Act of 1937) under which the United States Federal Government jointly owns the MOWA Choctaw Indian Reservation as land held in trust as a reservation and for the MOWA Band of Choctaw Indians per multiple deeds in public records in Mobile County, Alabama Department of Revenue Records.The Choctaw were the first Native American tribe forced to relocate under the Indian Removal Act. Their early government had three districts, each with its own chief, who together with the town chiefs sat on their National Council.They appointed a Choctaw Delegate to represent them to the US government in Washington, DC.

In the aftermath of the Dawes Act in the late 19th century, the US dissolved tribal governments in order to extinguish Indian land claims and admit the Indian and Oklahoma territories as a state in 1907.From that period, the US appointed chiefs of the Choctaw and other tribes in the former Indian Territory.During World War I, Choctaw soldiers served in the U. military as the first Native American codetalkers, using the Choctaw language.The American Indian Policy Review Commission Final Report Volume I, Chapter 11, Page 468 on May 19, 1977 federally acknowledged/recognized the existence of the Choctaw Communities of Mobile and Washington Counties which are along the Tombigbee and Mobile Rivers where Choctaw Treaties were negotiated in various Choctaw Treaties.

The Choctaw in Oklahoma struggled to build a nation.

During the American Civil War, the Choctaw in both Oklahoma and Mississippi mostly sided with the Confederate States of America.

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